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Gift Cards Are Possible

We’re giving gift cards a brain.

Save Yourself From The Pain & Expense Of Point-Of-Sale Integrations

Stores used to be the only companies that could issue gift cards. Not any more. Now brand manufacturers, insurers, and even non-profits can issue gift cards. We jailbreak the point-of-sale. The result is a programmable gift card experience for issuers without precedent.


Free Card Builder Portal

Our gift card builder portal is free to use. Issue codes in a matter of minutes.

Programmable Gift Card Experiences

Unprecedented in the gift card industry. Get creative.

Collaborate With Sponsors & Fullfillment

Built-in approvals means building sponsor coalitions is easy.

Core Engine Features

This wasn’t possible before. Until now.

A New Way to Partner

With Consumers

Gift cards aren’t just for gifts any more. More and more consumers buy themselves¬†gift cards for budgeting and as an alternative to conventional banking.¬†Others want to be more thoughtful about the gift cards they buy for others to direct spend and behavior. Raincard paves the way toward a real partnership between people and commerce.

It Pays For Itself

There is a reason retailers love gift cards. The float and breakage pays for itself. Now other third parties besides just retailers can find out what they have been missing.

Start making it rain.

Signing Up Pilot Partners Now